The Raven's Call

Jared Kern
This is Jared's first year in journalism, and his last year because he's a senior, he is very ambitious and excited to write about whatever may arise. Jared is very passionate in politics and has always wanted to get into politics as a career. As a fun fact: he has been in Boy Scouts longer than the freshmen have been in school and finds it as his main maturity and outlook on life. He also finds journalism as a very important aspect in every person's life and wants people to be aware in what is going on in their community and around them. Jared gets very passionate about many things, which is where he finds his enjoyment in writing, especially speech writing where he feels that he has a voice and people will listen with an open heart and open mind, which is why he encourages others to let their voice be heard too because silence leads to no advancement. His favorite subjects are English but mostly U.S. history because he is a patriot deep down and has a sprawling love for this nation. He is also fond of debating and if you may come across him, he will gladly debate you if the time is right. He plans to put as much passion as he can into his articles and hopes that someone will learn something from them.

Jared Kern, N/A

The student voice of Vista del Lago High School