Preview on Talent Show

Suzette Sanchez, Staff writer

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The school will be having their talent show school Vista Del Lago May, 25  not just for entertainment but also for those students who would like to show their talent to those in who are in our community.

Talent shows can be very entertaining to watch but it can be very nerve wracking especially when you’re the one performing. Although they can be very nerve racking for the people performing it can help them dramatically for when they have a talent because it help those become big and show their talent.

“ I have gotten inspired to show my talent for many reasons but the ones who have pushed me the most to do this is my friends.” Said Sophomore Trinitee Lucas.

Some students may think that they aren’t good enough to participate in a talent show nut if they get motivated by anyone to be in the talent show they will most likely do it.

“ It feels really good to be able to participate in the school talent show because I would really like to show my talent.” Said Sophomore Luis Olivas Lopez.

Being in a talent show can be very stressful although there are many hassles to it and it can be very nerve racking at the end of all of it all the nerves will be gone and the talent show will be entertaining.

“ This year for our school talent show we don’t just want to make it a boring talent show but we want it to special for those showing their talents and we will also be donating to the speechless club”. Said Avid Teacher Sharmayne Lawson Franklin.

Our school talent show will be very helpful to those who are in the speechless club and this will also help those who are participating in the talent show.

The Vista Del Lago school talent show will be on May 25 all the students who have been practicing for that day will be able to show their talents off in front if the school all of there hard work will pay off.

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