Second Annual College Signing

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Second Annual College Signing

Tia Latson, Staff Writer

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The school recently had its second annual college signing took place May 4, during 6th period in the Gym. Seniors spent time dancing, eating and signing a banner to remember their step towards the real world.

College signing is to acknowledge every senior as they go on their way to the Military, USC or Private School.

¨College is a big moment in life and I´m glad that I finally get to experience it after what feels like forever,¨ said Abrion Grimes.

There are many different options for college and they are all celebrated. Seniors were able to come together and have fun together.

¨I chose the Military because its always been something that I wanted to pursue and now I’m glad that I have the chance to,¨ said Thomas Hubbs.

Throughout life many things in life are chosen for people but college is one thing that no one can force upon someone. People got the chance to either watch how the college signing event occurs or participate in it.

¨Picking what college I wanted to go to was a hard but after I figured out a one thing everything else seemed to fall into place and help me form a clear direction,¨ said Jasmine Hatter.  

As another year passes, seniors leave and there will be more room for new seniors, new experiences and another college signing.

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