Top 10 list for Places to Visit During the Summer

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Top 10 list for Places to Visit During the Summer

Valerie Lugo, Staff Writer

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 Summer can seem very long when you have nothing to do, but if you spend all that time doing activities, time flies.

  1. Visit a drive in. Van Buren Drive-In Theatre or Rubidoux Drive-In Theatre.
  2. Make s’mores at night in an open fire.
  3. Have a barbecue.
  4. Have a picnic at the park and play mini games with friends/ family.
  5. Watch the sunset. There are plenty of hills to climb to have the perfect view.
  6. Go hiking. (Bring some food and  lots of water.)
  7. Volunteer at a small community store or shop.
  8. Visit the beach and build a sandcastle.
  9. Have a water balloon fight with friends/ family.
  10. Ride your bike with friends/ family. There is a trail around Lake Paris.

Don’t have a boring summer and get up and some activities so there are stories to be told at back-to-school.

. There may be a lot of positive outcomes.

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