Does Buying Your Kids Materialistic Things Affect Their School Work

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Does Buying Your Kids Materialistic Things Affect Their School Work

Taylor Jones, Staff Writer

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   When you use to just getting spoiled you never know when to stop failing or you forget about your priorities. When have you ever thought about focusing on school instead of materialistic stuff.

    Our scholars, too have explored materialism light and dark sides. Some believe it leads to greater human good, while others argue that excessive materialism can harm our happiness and quality of life.

   Parents have reason to prevent their children from becoming too focused on material possessions, they struggle to bring home good grades when all of a sudden they feel stupid, but in reality they’re just fullfield with material things. Materialism is a value—and there is no problem as long as it remains in balance with other values like family, friendship, spirituality, health and the outdoors.

   The issue becomes a concern only when someone makes materialism their main focus, because it can displace other values that we see as very important in our society. Show your children how much fun it is to go on a bike ride or how important it is to do well in school.

  Giving a child the finer things in life, doesn’t necessarily make them materialistic. Materialistic children are less generous and more financially irresponsible than their peers. There may be ways you can give your child everything but still raise a thoughtful, well-rounded kid. There are ways you can avoid having materialistic children.

    Don’t waste your time thinking that material things fit in the same categories as your  priorities. “ I usually don’t buy things for my kids because I feel like expensive things will get their school work out of they head, and they are doing so well so I just buy it from here and there, time to time”, Said Melanie Gomez.

   Your own behavior also affects how much goods and money matter to your child. Children learn by watching, so if they see you valuing money as a source of happiness, they are likely to do the same.In addition, the researchers discovered that the more materialistic a parent was, the lower their child’s self-esteem. Since low self-esteem is linked to higher materialism, it follows that materialistic parents had materialistic children.

     Encouraging your child to find supportive friends who don’t put a high value on money and things may, therefore, help your tween avoid being consumed by consumption.This will help them see their worth as a good friend and child of yours. And even if you do buy some things for them along the way, maintaining the relationship will lead to higher self-esteem which leads to lower materialism.

   So, therefore when wanting to spend on your child make sure you do it as a wise person , don’t let it get in the way of their school work, make sure they maintain their priorities, make sure you address to your children that material things are not just the most important things in life. Let them know that you can live without finer things.

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