A preview of Corbeau Theatre’s “Smile”

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A preview of Corbeau Theatre’s “Smile”

Savanna Rose Bautista, Staff Writer

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Walking down the aisle like a glittering float, the young woman shines her pearly whites towards the large auditorium before the over-flooded stage. The brunette girl is not alone as some various diverse charming women follow after, each not too careful to not step on their competitors in front of them in line. The guest speakers excitement booms throughout the crowds uplifting cheers. Whistles sing into their eardrums and is responded with smiling gestures and waves. The high school’s seniors appearance blind many as they come to halt to come to face their audience. Everyone in the room anticipates as they patiently wait for a name. The dressed up young women are well aware that they are being watched and the attention influences their adrenaline. After had building up the audiences enthusiasm the guest speaker announces the winner. The crowd screams in response and confetti falls from above. The winner’s eyes glitter with tears and she can not help, but fall onto her knees in complete astonishment.

Vista del Lago’s Corbeau Theatre is proud to present an upcoming production for audiences of diversity to view and laugh. Smile, a musical with music by Marvin Hamlisch, book and lyrics by Howard Ashman had been originally produced in on Broadway in 1986. This musical is based on the comedy film of the same title, from a 1975 screenplay by Jerry Belson. This satiric musical are also the creators of Little Shop of Horrors, a big hit in the 1980’s.

Jennifer Gysbers, Director of the Ravens Theater shares, “ I thought that the musical would be fun; entertaining. It had a lot of female parts and a decent amount of male parts; because I know that we usually have more females that try out [at auditions] so I wanted to get something that could cover a lot of those people.”

In the musical Smile, a beauty pageant takes place during the in the state of California during 1980’s. Smile is a more raunchy and relatable production than most, it appeals to the likes of modern teenage girls.The comedy features twelve young female competitors on stage to win “Miss America”.

“I auditioned because I love to perform and will jump at any opportunity to participate.” Says Junior, Actor, and President of Theatre club, Karlee Dix. “Actors will learn music and lines individually and will come to rehearsal to learn choreography.”

The production includes approximately more than 15 musical numbers and is guaranteed to be a lively experience. It is believed that audience members will take liking to the show and respond well to its comedy.

Freshman Drew Castillo shares that he had originally wanted the role of Ted Farley due to being captivated by the character, afterward his favoritism leaned toward Big Bob after hearing many of the characters solo’s. However, instead of getting Big Bob he had earned the role of Ted Farley which Castillo is still very proud of.

The set of the production is described to feature a large stage with two curved stair cases attached to each end. The platform will be high in which Vista Del Lagos Band members will participate underneath the riser.

Senior Jose Anzaldo in building adds that a platform 6 feet wide and 54 inches long is being built for the production in which the actresses playing as the contestants will stand upon. “On the scale to one to ten of how complicated it will be I would give it a 7. One being no complications at all and being easy to accomplish and ten being very difficult and hard to accomplish.”

Those participating in theatre production claim that the show will be prepared and ready by early March. All participators are excited for opening night and are working hard for this special feature.


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