Not Enough History

Kelley Crowfield, Writer

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High schoolers learn many things like Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, and History but there has been a lack in the history that we to learn and that’s a lack in Black History.

Black History is something that isn’t really taught, when have we as students ever talked about Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Huey P. Newton, because  I don’t recall ever talking about any of those African American Heroes and it’s an outrage because we can learn about other parts for history for the other cultures but we can’t learn about our roots; where we came from and who we were centuries ago.

I asked a friend about Malcolm X and he told me he’s never heard of him and that’s sad because he was a vital part of the civil rights movement. I blame the schools for keeping out the people who have been apart of history. At the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year there was a Solar Eclipse and on the same day on 1831 Nat Turner lead the biggest slave rebellion in American history and that wasn’t talked about at all. No one knew who Nat Turner was and what he stood for. He’s the reason why we have most of our Black Historians to this day and that’s because of Nat Turner; if he didn’t stand for the oppression that he and his people were going through he wouldn’t have sparked the change that people would want to see.

We can’t just blame the way we are taught we must blame ourselves too, for not taking the time out of our day to just pick up a book and read about the African culture. People of the high school age tend to look at their phone at least 50 or more times a day and most of the time we are on social media, playing games, or watching videos. That’s a source we could use to look up history, but instead we like people’s post about a fight or how bad someone looks. 

Not only do we need to become more interested in African American History, it needs to be taught and encouraged in schools.

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