Volleyball Boys Spike at Tryouts

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Volleyball Boys Spike at Tryouts

Jaaziel Barajas, Staff Writer

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Make your competitive juices overcome your excuses because the will to win is not nearly so important as they will to prepare to win.

It’s going down! Boys Volleyball tryouts are just around the corner and many are preparing, training and working hard to make the team.

“I watch a lot of videos to prepare for the games and competitions, I eat a well balanced and healthy diet and practice really hard at home.”, said senior varsity player Ramses Franco.

Many of these volleyball players are so passionate and hardworking at volleyball. Volleyball is their life and what they want to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Teamwork, teammates and just having fun are some of things that really inspire me to play volleyball and try hard. I’m very passionate about volleyball because I finally found something that I can loose myself in and become a whole different person. Everyone has a passion, and everyone’s passion is different. Some people have to think when asked what their passion is, but for me, the answer is plain and simple: Volleyball.”, said sophomore varsity player Alejandro Gonzalez.

So many of these volleyball players are so competitive and want to win so badly. They always want to win and always have the passion and vigor to play what they love.

“Why am I so competitive?, four older brothers that’s why. Beyond my love for a good competition, my love for sports was entered into me through my four older brothers.”, said junior varsity player Aarjont Singe.

If you’re looking for a good sport to play, want to be on a good team or just be active and not be so sluggish come and try out for Vista Del Lago’s Boys Volleyball and be a part of something big, exciting, full of suspense and intensity.  

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