First Shot Of The Year

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First Shot Of The Year

Taylor Jones, Staff Writer

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       ” With a change from previous years, spectators come alive with spirit, making athletic events rock with noise enthusiasm of the 50’s and 60.”

      This year the boys basketball team wants to put in effort and they want to strive to make this season better. Some players may want to set a goal to make sure they help their team win on their part.

     “ Hopefully I get a scholarship, play better on the court and do better in the classroom,” said Varsity Captain Caiou Dowds.

       Students want to work and succeed and improve educationally also, they show off and also and manage to work.   Their coaches want them to be better at what they do, and work as a team together.

     “ My coach want us to do better this year and get more wins than last year,”said Varsity Player Emonni Dickson Junior .

       When trying to proceed on playing a sport and getting your work done is kind of frustrating, also makes them want to give up.

   “ This is my freshman and [have] I to make sure my grades are okay for me to play this [year]  and my 3 years on,”said Varsity Player Jalen Johnson.

          Basketball has been practicing their tournaments and getting for the season so they will be well conditioned.  






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