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Bullying from Society

What society makes young people think.

Serena Land, Sports Editor

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Shopping online and you finally get your new clothes and makeup, then realizing the clothes are too small and the makeup is too pale.




Even though the label says large the clothes fit like a 12 year olds shirt. The unflattering tightness of the shirt, making every curve and roll visable.

Thoughts of how to change, to become thinner and not be ‘plus sized’.The fears of every teenage girl of being to fat and not being able to shop at the ‘in’ stores because they are too big to fit the clothes.

Being ashamed of wearing a bathing suit because your stretch marks will be visible. The fear of being judged when the only people who should have stretch marks are pregnant women or someone who has had a baby.

Even though not everyone is made the same, it hurts to not being able to go to a store and fit the shirt or pants you really wanted because your friend looks amazing in them you want to look amazing too.

Thinking of ways to fit the clothes, maybe skip breakfast and lunch or even throwing up after dinner. Being willing to do anything to fit the perfect size, anything to be perfect.

Then trying to put on makeup to make yourself feel pretty but realizing the makeup gives your face an ashy appearance.

Finally after coming to the conclusion none of your new things you spent so much money on won’t work for you. Coming to the final conclusion you won’t be good enough for the world unless you change.

The BMI (Body Mass Index) Scale is  a numerical value of your weight in relation to your height. A BMI is between 18.5 and 25 kg/m² indicates a normal weight. A BMI of less than 18.5 kg/m² is considered underweight.  A BMI between 25 kg/m² and 29.9 kg/m² is considered overweight.

So many women burden with trying to achieve the ‘perfect’ body but there are so many different standards for obtaining the ideal body. Just thirty years ago women like Marilyn Monroe and she was a size 14.

Considering the average american woman is 5’4 and 140 pounds and the average american model is 5’11 and 117 pounds. The gap for the weight and height is huge and unhealthy.

One can be considered severely underweight taking the height into consideration and some doctors might say 140 is overweight and unhealthy. According to the  National Institutes of Health when you are 117 pounds and 5’11 you are 18.5 BMI units under weight.

When starving yourself there are effect that start happening right away to your body and the brain. In fact if you starve the body over a long period of time it can cause the person doing this can make you gain weight.

Even though not all models ‘aren’t starving’ themselves they have extreme diets that allow them to maintain the unrealistic weight such as the baby food diet and water fasting.

These diets can cause damage to your body if continued over long periods of time. Not only will these affect your body but they will also affect others who feel bad about their bodies and start the same unhealthy habits that you started.

“I feel extreme diets that models use to stay thin are very unhealthy. For example some models starve themselves to stay thin because they want to have the ‘perfect body’ when in reality it would be way more motivational to others…” said junior Adriel Sanchez.

Some people struggle with taking off weight as it is and is can make them feel like they aren’t good enough for society to accept.

“I feel I will never be good enough sometimes; when I try and try so hard to be perfect for the world around me.” Said Junior Ashley Quinonez..

Even though people know that it’s unhealthy for them to starve their bodies they continue to do it thinking that it is okay because others do it. The fact that almost all celebrities and models are held to a standard that the thinner the better, so everyone else follows the trend.

When people think about body image they think about women but men go through the struggle to fit into society’s idea of the perfect male body.

Most women when describing their dream man as a tall masculine person with deep blue eyes and the perfect slick back hair.

In reality not every male can achieve that goal that was set but propaganda posters or by disney movies to rescue the damsel in distress.

Some men may think that is the only way to get the women but no a days not all women want as the world advances the need to change people’s mind set changes to.

The way someone should look shouldn’t depend on society but on each individual. The fact that the magazines and social media are allowed to tell everyone what is and isn’t acceptable.

When diet and weight control are used in a useful way and used for making sure your body’s health, there is nothing wrong with that.

“I feel that any diet you are good with that will help you stay at the size you would like to be is great. Everyone has a certain diet for their body goals.” said Junior Marcus Ayala

When living in a society like ours we need to support each other in the world that tries to make us feel worthless, by making sure our bodies are health and well taken care of.

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