Improvement on the Horizon

Ravens onto their next challenge

Sergio Guzman

Sergio Guzman, Sports Editor

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In a recent series with the Banning Broncos, Varsity baseball members were just unable to get the bats going – losing both games by a combined 16 runs.

“When we miss – guys understand – we are not going to hit the ball hard every single time, its baseball, i’m not asking you guys to do that. All i’m asking you guys to do is have that mentality up top that says : ‘I have this ability, I can do this.’ If you have that mindset, you will already be light years ahead of the competition. Again, struggles in situational hitting is holding us back, if we can get past that hump we will go far guys.”

Second year coach and former player, Jon Chastine, continues to crack eggs of knowledge upon Varsity members, hoping to keep their mentality right after consecutive loses.

“We cant think we are going to roll through, we have to take care of business”, Chastine said. “We have to come out tomorrow – ready to work – and before our next game, we have to strap it right back on and get after it. Keep eating, keep going, keep going – because that’s the only thing that matters”, Chastine concluded.

The Ravens Varsity squad looks toward their next opponent – the Moreno Valley Vikings – in hope of a resurgence.

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