The student voice of Vista del Lago High School

The Raven's Call

2016-2017 Staff

Arleth Oliden

Staff Writer

Arleth is a shy person. When she goes to school she’s shy but when she goes home she likes to have fun. She is a freshman that likes Opinion writing because you can talk about how you feel and think about specific things. Arleth...

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Salonda Johnson

Staff Writer

Salonda may be quiet, but the power of words can not keep her silent. She is a senior who enjoys the expression of art. Her music taste varies to different artist such as Solange to Paramore. She adores the moon in all ways. She...

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Angelita Bautista

Staff Writer

ungelita a.k.a Angie is a very fun,optimistic freshmen.At first,she is shy ,but once you get to know her, you wont regret it.Her favorite journalistc area is either news or sports.She enjoys watching sports such as baseball and...

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Karla Jimenez

Staff Writer

Karla is a very mature, adventurous, and kind-hearted person. She is in a sport, which most people do not consider it as “a sport”, which is cheer leading. Has an interest in news writing articles. Has a very big objective...

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Antoinette Huizar-Chavez

Staff Writer

Antoinette is an adventurous Senior. Who is in ASB and loves life.

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Bianca Benard


Bonca, Bionicle, Bionca, or Binca. Bianca Benard probably has just as many nicknames as she has dreams. This creative dreamer is energetic, flamboyant, and ambitious. Bianca is one of the few people you meet in life that you never...

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Daniela Sanchez

Staff writer

Daniela is the kind of pessimistic senior you see with a Kim Kardashian crying face every time stress enters her life. Aside from that, she is a creative and free spirited gal. She enjoys Journalism and her favorite area is features....

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Cassandra Salazar

Staff Writer

Cassandra is a small but big hearted freshman. She is open to new ideas and cares about others. She hopes to one day become an animator for Pixar and see the bright smiles of others with her work. She likes to see others grinning...

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Ana Amaya


Ana is an optimistic pessimist with big aspirations. She is a senior, a vegan, and an 80s enthusiast. She desires New Mexican mornings and trips to the International UFO Museum. Her favorite bands are M83, The Rolling Stones,...

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Steven Robles

Staff Writer

Steven is a freshman that is very fun and really open to people.He likes to interact with others and overall see them happy.His favorite journalistic area is sports because it is "lit".He likes to encourage people and give them...

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Marco Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Marco is a freshman that has a mentality of being his childhood dream of being a superhero. He enjoys comic books, sports, and Netflix. His favorite Journalistic Area is Opinions because he believes that his opinions are always ri...

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Daniela Quintana


  A quiet Sophomore that has her heart on her sleeve and is nice to the whole world. She is nicest person you can ever meet and has the loudest laugh that can light up your world. Daniela has many goals that she hopes ...

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Anjali Palikhey


  Anjali Palikhey is a sophomore with big dreams with hopes of turning them into a reality. Though she hasn’t decided what to do yet, Anjali always explores far and wide to discover something she likes and wants to...

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Serena Land

Sports Editor

Serena is a Junior she is the sports editor she loves being in charge of sports because of the fast pace nature of the games and all the live action. She is involved in Track and journalism. Serena wants to be an Actuary because ...

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Brian McMillian

Chief in Editor

     Brian is a funny, enthusiastic person. He enjoys Writing news, going to school, and politics. He is an eleventh grade student and hopes to become an elementary school teacher. He has never eaten a re...

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The student voice of Vista del Lago High School